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September 2023

AI has advanced thanks to recent developments in generative AI, such as ChatGPT. AI is no longer merely a technological or commercial instrument. Similar to the introduction of the internet, the printing press, or even electricity, AI is having an impact on society. It is just about to transform society as a whole. The age of AI has arrived. Advancement in AI cannot be stopped or even slowed down.

How are other companies advancing with generative AI?

  • AI frontline co-pilot: Chat interface helps client-facing employees get important information faster -> Morgan Stanley is training GPT-4 to help its financial advisors.
  • Compliance and regulatory monitoring: Assist in verifying communications with clients against internal codes and rules.
  • Personalized customer support: Recommendations for contact center agents and relationship managers based on customer profile, needs and expectations
  • Claims management: Individualized suggestions/explanations on claims coverage and applicant-friendly reasons for denials
  • Conversational patient self — triage and checking symptoms: Chatbot makes suggestions and guides patients regarding acute symptoms, chronic condition management, health and wellness activities, or behavioral health needs
  • Auto-composition of clinical messages: Automatic replies based on content and tone of patient message, accessible clinical data, and clinician’s tone and preferences -> Mass General Brigham, care system in the U.S., is testing a health generative AI for patient portal messages and clinical notes.
  • Scientific literature discovery: LLMs help scientists identify relevant research, extract insights, aggregate findings and generate new hypotheses.
  • Coding assistant for mainframe support: Helps software developers generate, test, debug code snippets in languages common to mainframe technologies, like COBOL — often used in U.S. healthcare payers’ claims processing systems.
  • Consultative population health analytics: Users ask plain language questions of a report or dashboard in areas like population health, costs and care activities.
  • Student tutors: Conversational UI to support personalized learning.
  • Language training: AI reading and speaking companion.
  • Faculty assistant: Accelerate authoring of quizzes, tests, presentation materials, curricula, lesson plans, feedback, student referral letters.
  • Virtual student assistant: Chat interface to integrated student data.
  • Student recruitment/ enrollment/persistence: Including nudging students toward course completion.
  • Tesco is using GenAI and other technologies to enhance customer experience, predict demand, analyze consumer behavior and prevent fraud.
  • Enhanced search and upselling: Improve customers’ abilities to find what they are looking for, and encourage more expensive purchases or add-ons.
  • Social media customer sentiment: Quickly monitor customer and influencer social media content, spot trends and sentiments, predict outcomes and inform future decisions.
  • Supply chain optimization: Improve predictions for sourcing and procurement, logistics, transportation, and collaboration with suppliers.
  • Conversational chat interface: Interact with customers and associates, which may include facilitating a transaction -- enable human customers to converse via their platform of choice.
  • Associate hiring, onboarding: Enhance recruiting and training through interactive individual experiences
  • Education and training: Direct an employee with or without relevant technical knowledge to verify a factoryfloor machine in their chosen language(s).
  • Product innovation: Suggest alternative ingredients and packaging based on user sentiment and aggregated trends/ shopping patterns.
  • Digital product interaction: Download new behaviors/capabilities to digital products based on aggregated voice feedback.
  • Product servicing: Help humans and AI agents in continuously diagnosing issues; order parts, complete programmable maintenance or schedule recommended servicing needs. (Goal: reduce unplanned downtime).
  • Customer interaction: Use of LLM chatbots -> Maersk is using ChatGPT on its website to auto-generate FAQs and improve search accuracy.
  • Vehicle damage estimation for insurance claims: Help a smartphone camera recognize damage more precisely even where visibility and contrast are poor.
  • Estimation of vehicle resale value: Use GenAI on computer vision to enable a smartphone camera to assess value more accurately.
  • Assessment of mechanical condition: Enable more precise evaluations
Source: Gartner Business Quarterly 3Q2023

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