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generative ai

Our Consulting Packages

Whether you are new or have experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can support you to use Gen AI to enhance customer experience, boost employee productivity, improve business operations or enhance creativity.

This is for cloud native or cloud migrated infrastructures. The GAA objective is to do a one hour initial discovery plus a 5 day assessment that will result in a recommendations report on how can you implement Gen AI for your specific use case. 

Once you have the plan, you might need help prototyping it for you to get business approvals and hire in-house data science or ML builders team.

During this package we will deliver a PoC for you. This is a custom package and the duration depends on the specifics of each project, but usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Use cases

Some common ways that customers are using generative AI

Enhancing the customer experience

Chatbots and virtual assistants Agent assist Contact center analytics Personalization

Boosting employee productivity

Conversational search Content localization Text, image, and video generation Text summarization, Code generation

Improving business operations

Document processing Content moderation Synthetic data creation Maintenance assistance Anomaly detection

Enhancing creativity

Image generation for web pages Storyboarding Music creation Image enhancement Animation creation


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