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Iconet is a consulting firm that is serving business all over the world. Our independent consultants are certified with the Top Technology providers, and have extensive business background to make the consulting practice scalable, fast and affordable.

Our consultants are Ex-AWS, Solution Architects Certified with proven experience on implementing a successful advisory and assessment practice to plan or accelerate cloud migrations. 

Cloud Stages of Adoption

  • Project – The organization evaluates the AWS Cloud as a viable option and determines whether it addresses their specific needs. AWS skills aren’t required at this stage.
  • Foundation – The organization starts extending their data centers to AWS. Specifically, the organization:

    • Establishes scalable security and compliance models on AWS.

    • With AWS migration specialists, deploys the initial framework of the landing zone in a non-production environment.

    • Sets up cloud-focused and AWS skills training for employees.

    • Moves 3-5 enterprise-grade production applications to AWS.

  • Migration – At this stage, the organization:

    • Prepares for long-term cloud operations.

    • Defines IT roles for cloud operations.

    • Establishes a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), which is a multi-disciplinary team that drives cloud adoption efforts across an organization.

    • Migrates groups of production applications and data centers.

  • Reinvention – At this stage, the cloud becomes the default choice for all projects. The organization explores new, cloud-based business models, and becomes more comfortable with cloud operations than it is with on-premises operations

We offer the below Consulting Service Packages:

Project Stage – Migration Readiness Assessment

A migration readiness assessment is a process of gaining insights into how far along an organization is in their cloud journey, understanding their current cloud-readiness strengths and weaknesses, and building an action plan to close identified gaps. We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) and its six perspectives (business, people, governance, platform, security, and operations) as a framework to help ensure that you have a holistic view of the transformation initiative that is required for an effective move to the cloud. 

The AWS Prescriptive Guidance migration strategy uses Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) as the prescriptive model for the assessment phase. Although other methods are available, they might compromise the completeness or depth of the review. 

Three outcomes are expected from a readiness review: 

  • An understanding of where an organization is in its cloud journey 
  • Identified areas of strength and weakness from a cloud-readiness perspective 
  • An action plan to resolve the identified gaps, so the organization can migrate at scale without having to pause to solve foundational issues 

In addition, there are often these additional outcomes: 

  • Alignment and consensus building within the team 
  • Identification of best practices within the organization that can be leveraged and scaled 
  • A reduction in roadblocks that can disrupt progress

Foundation Stage – Migration Portfolio Assessment

Once the cloud migration readiness has been sized. The next step is to make an initial scope, time and cost assessment for the project. The MPA assessment will give you do the following information in a consolidated report, and based on the best practices: 

  • Initial portfolio validation (application, server and database)
  • AWS cost estimation (Compute, Storage, Database, Network, IT labor and Support)
  • Application prioritization (based on the business and technical drivers of the migration)
  • Cost comparison (AWS vs on-premises) 
  • Application groups creation (by analyzing dependencies to understand which applications must migrate together).
  • Estimate of a migration project cost of an on-premises to AWS migration project.
  • Initial migration wave plan for application groups with recommended migration strategies (Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect) for the servers and applications in the portfolio.
  • Visualize portfolio data through customizable charts.

Migration Stage – Experienced Based Acceleration

World wide CEOs has reported that at least 70% of the major blockers during a cloud migration were associated with people and change management. Once you are on a mature state of your cloud migration, you might find out that your sharing the same blockers. 

Experience-Based Acceleration (EBA) is a hands-on and agile-approach to execute specific cloud objectives. We use this in workshops called ‘EBA Parties’, aimed at addressing friction points and blockers to an organization’s cloud journey. In these parties, customer and partners builders develop new ways of working and collaboration. Together they solve problems while learning best practices in an interactive and immersive setting.

The five commonly adopted formats or as well call flavors are outlined below:

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