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The global network of technology consulting

We help you to launch, grow and monetize your career as a technology consultant in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce and Internet of Things. 

About Us

Intelligent Consulting Network

Iconet is a cloud-based platform that offers services for companies and consultants in the information technology market in a fast, affordable and sustainable way.

We use AI-powered algorithms and expert-level analysis to match the best projects for our consultants, while meeting our corporate clients specific needs.

Membership Benefits

We offer three types of services for you


We provide professional profile credentials, custom offers and projects pipeline to promote your revenue in the long run.


We help mapping a growth plan to achieve your personal and professional goals (360º vision).


We deliver and track recommendations for your well-being and quality of life throughout your projects life cycle.

our digital products

We serves you through our E-Consulting Platform that deploys a set of digital products powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer a personalized and enhanced user experience.

AI Coach

Ed. Tech

Personalized Offers

Well-being Tech

Our Alliances

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