Jump start your career in technology

Our entry-level program is designed to provide you all the content you need to obtain a certification in the most important tech. industry providers. A background or bachelor degree on IT is NOT needed. 

About Us

The Global Network of Technology Consulting

Iconet is a consulting firm that is serving business all over the world. Our independent consultants are certified with the Top Technology providers, and have extensive business background to make the consulting practice scalable, fast and affordable.

What you will learn

Through a self-paced learning program. You'll learn the skills, techniques, behaviors, and mindsets that will prepare you to launch your career in technology.

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-Management

  • Team Work

  • IT Essentials
  • Cloud Practitioner Exam Prep
  • Introduction to (one of the below)
    • Financial Services
    • Health Care
    • Telecom
Helda Quiñones AWS re/Start graduate

"I'm a systems engineer that has been unemployed for many years. Iconet entry level program has helped me to get a fresh start to bring my career up to speed, now in the cloud".

Paola Ballen AWS re/Start Graduate

"I landed to my dream job after taking the soft skills lessons. I'm really grateful for this program".

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