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Our Program

What You will Learn

Through a self-paced learning program. You'll learn the skills, techniques, behaviors, and mindsets that will prepare you to launch your career in technology.

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-Management

  • Team Work

  • IT Essentials
  • Cloud Practitioner Exam Prep
  • Introduction to (one of the below)
    • Financial Services
    • Health Care
    • Telecom


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Our graduates

What our entry level members are saying 

"I'm a systems engineer that has been unemployed for many years. Iconet entry level program has helped me to get a fresh start to bring my career up to speed, now in the cloud".

Helda Quiñones AWS re/Start graduate

"I landed to my dream work after taking the soft skills lessons. I'm really grateful for this program".

Paola Ballen AWS re/Start Graduate